Unit and House Rules

General rules:




Utility areas:

Common Areas:

When you are leaving common areas, always:

Wi-fi area:


In the house: Every student  participates on single weekly cleaning task to keep the house clean and tidy.

In the bathroom:

In the kitchen:

In the sitting/living room:



NOTE: If you don’t take your turn or don’t do a good job  you will be asked to fix it or you will have to pay $50 to help cover the cost of someone else doing your cleaning. Should you have any comments/suggestions, please feel free to contact your house manager or Austay directly on 0406 232 283.

 Moving in and out rules:

Moving out duty involves:

Please remove all your personal items when moving out and make sure you take everything with you. It is your responsibility to check for your belongings before you move out from the house and you return the house key.

If your room is not in the same state as it was when you arrived (nice and clean), and we have to arrange a cleaner to do this for you, a penalty charge will apply (cleaning arranged by house manager – fee as per the agreement, cleaning by professional cleaner - $ 50). This may be deducted from your bond.

You are to pay the outstanding balance of the $300.00 Bond even if you were charged the penalty.

You are to arrange a new key in case you lose one.

Austay reserves the right to ask you to change the room if space for a female or for male or for a couple required.

Please note that you can ask somebody else to do it for you.  In this case, please contact your house manager.

The bond will be transferred onto your account within 3 working days after you move out.


Swimming pool (where it applies):

Only in the winter season:

Should you be cold in winter, Austay can provide you with a portable heater for $5 per week. Switch the heater on only if you are in the room; turn it off when you leave the room. If any damage is caused by wrong usage, you will be held fully responsible and charged accordingly. You are not allowed to use any heater other than the one provided by Austay. Never forget to switch your heater off when you leave the property, otherwise we will charge you $50 fee to cover the electricity bill extra costs. All misuse leading to burns or damages are entirely your responsibility.  You alone will have to assume all consequences and damages caused to yourselves, to the house/apartment and surroundings.


We understand that these few rules and recommendations might seem tough and demanding. However, if you use the accommodation and house equipment correctly, it will preserve the houses and apartments for one single aim: to serve you the best and longest possible.